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[Note: This only applies to, not regular]

The team here is often so heads-down in the whole making-blogging-better we often miss internet trends like the best blonde joke ever or this video site called YouTube. I still don’t get the blonde joke but YouTube I understand: it seems to be a site for people posting videos of themself singing N*Sync songs. Here’s an example:

Now for various reasons, mostly related to your security, we don’t allow people to post arbitrary code in their blogs. Unfortunately this has the side-effect of blocking some cool stuff like YouTube. However as a test we’re enabling a special way for you to embed things like YouTube without having to mess around with any code.

Follow closely: I found the video above on this page. To embed it in the post all I had to do was copy and paste the URL I just linked and then paste it into the post with special formatting, like this:

[ youtube=]

Try it yourself, copy and paste the above into your blog and see what happens. Now browse to another video on YouTube and copy and paste the link as above and paste it in your blog. If this goes well, we’ll be adding support for more and more services using a similar syntax.

PS:  and oh! there’s a space after the first ‘[‘ ..I added it so that WordPress does not process the code.

Original Source of article: here.

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10 08 2008

wow really fantastic things you have posted here..that will be pretty useful in many ways..

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