Running Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora 7


Here I am back, with what I have learnt out of using my highly tuned Fedora 7 machine. I feel so excited today after trying out some really cool manoeuvres and getting positive results. Of course, Linux is fun to work with (especially when you have to resolve dependencies manually, browsing repositories, etc..well, I assume that you have a good bandwidth and no work to do:))

Open Office is good, but it is a fact that it isn’t as good as Microsoft Office 2003 (and the gap is wider for 2007). I’ve heard about the commercial Star Office but in my honest opinion, Microsoft Office still forges ahead in the list. Well, today, I managed to “complete” my modest Acer TravelMate 2350 running a 1.2Ghz Celeron Processor with only 256MB Ram. However, thanks to fedora’s powerful memory management, I was able to run my Opera Browser (with 10+ tabs open) together with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word 2003 at the same time.

This is what I did: (Follow all the steps carefully, and you won’t have any problems!! – my bet)

Wine Configuration2 for Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora by Shailen Sobhee

Notice that Word, Excel and Powerpoint will work. I have tried MsAccess but that won’t launch because Access initialises some Database conenctions with system files which are inexistent in the Wine environment. In any case, Microsoft Access is useless, as well as Microsoft Outlook.


Get wine-core-0.9.36-2.fc7.i386.rpm and install it:

rpm -ivh  wine-core-0.9.36-2.fc7.i386.rpm


Configure Wine:

Applications>Wine>Wine Configuration (or winecfg in a Terminal).

Under Applications Tab in the Configuration Window, Choose “Windows XP”

Under Libraries Tab,  add riched20 and riched32 from the “New override for library” drop-down list.

(If msxml3 isn’t in the list,don’t panic, you will see it later.):

Wine Configuration for Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora by Shailen Sobhee

You may wish to check the other Tabs (and check your audio and video settings- but these are not overly

important right now.)


Download and Install  Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML):

msiexec /i msxml3.msi

Run the Wine Configuration and add msxml3 to the library list (check step2)


Set the Owner and Organization of your Wine installation:

Applications>Wine> regedit (or regedit in a Terminal).

Modify Owner and Organization in:

[Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion]


Mount your Office 2003 CD-Rom:

(The option -o unhide avoids having problems with hidden files during installation.)

mkdir /mnt/Office2003
mount -t iso9660 -o unhide /dev/cdrom /mnt/Office2003

Start the Microsoft Office 2003 Professional setup (I hope you have your key-generator or serial.txt ready;))

cd /mnt/Office2003wine setup.exe

You should be done by now. (Post any comments if you experienced any difficulty- This article

fully supports Fedora 7 and RedHat users. I don’t usually talk about debian, especially Ubuntu because it simply won’t word on my machine- And Ubuntu has some serious unresolved graphics



Try opening Microsoft Word 2003:

cd /home/shailen/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Microsoft\ Office/OFFICE11

You may wish to create Fedora Launchers for these applications.

Hope that worked for someone..

By the way, I heard that some people have to Activate Office 2003. If you encounter this, I guess you know what you have to do..

By Shailen Sobhee,

Serving the Open-Source world, yet again..

Shailen is a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel Corporation. He has a Master degree in Computational Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Jacobs Univerity Bremen. Shailen has conducted research in power modelling for HPC applications and has high interests in the mobile sector. At Intel, Shailen is responsible for the Intel Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE) suite of software for mobile developers. Shailen comes from the beautiful island of Mauritius. He has a LinkedIn and a Xing profile. Lastly, his name is unique in the world and he admires Bill Gates.

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18 comments on “Running Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora 7
  1. Running Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora 7

    New post at


  2. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptOpen Office is good, but it is a fact that it isn’t as good as Microsoft Office 2003 (and the gap is wider for 2007). I’ve heard about the commercial Star Office but in my honest opinion, Microsoft Office still forges ahead in the list. … […]


  3. yupri says:

    hmm… seems a nice blog .. meme si mo pas p trop comprend technical stuffss…


  4. selven says:

    y would someone wanna run ms products on linux… still a mystery :p
    avec tou sa bon software seki ena opensource la!

    btw, the philosophy behind debian is much more interesting… and if you look well atthe history of debian, you’ll understand what stability means..(ohh well.. atleast GNU/linux related).

    pps. :p another way do the same thing is to use, a virtualization software, e.g like in BSD there exist win4bsd which allows near native performance and results 🙂

    btw, welcome aboard..

    You sure wanna register yourself in the linux usergroup of mauritius, and in its mailing list.



  5. selven says:

    another note, redhat and fedora isn’t that bad also , just wanted to make sure that those distro warz ends. Both have its pros and cons.


  6. annberly says:

    hmmm very interesting but very complicated as well… would mine linking my site to yours? as u see my blog is very new and needs a lot of work. You’re blog is quite intersting


  7. RIch says:

    I got alot of no class errors, and nothing installed but i got an office was installed successfully message. I unhid the .wine folder and manually looked for files, there is no office11 folder..
    please advise.


  8. RIch says:

    back to the last post..
    it appears that it works great.. only for ROOT,
    i tried copying files etc.. no luck..
    Please help


  9. Hi Rich, according to what some friends who have been working with Wine for a long time, it happens that only one particular wine version will work with office. This is strange, but its just like that. And since wine is still in a development phase, it is obvious that you may experience some problems.

    I would suggest if you could paste part of the no class errors with any other details here, so that i can understand really the source of the problem, and eventually, come to a solution for you.

    But, if you still have some fervent courage to test Fedora+wine+office again, then I would recommend that you download the right wine version (that effectively works with msoffice03) which is “wine-core-0.9.36-2.fc7.i386.rpm” .And because it is hard to google and find the right package, I have posted the download link right here itself. Well, i hope you can help yourself with the rapidshare server, which is the best around i have seen. But i bet you know it all, being a linux user. I dont understand why we call linux users power users these days.

    Maybe because we are so good at ms, that we have dropped it for some more challenge with unix. But that’s another debate.

    Anyway, back to the problem..some little questions..
    What kernel are you using? [ uname -r -> paste results here ]
    What Fedora version are you using? [7 or 8 ? ]
    I see you are looking for the office11 folder , so that inherently means it is Office 2003.

    Well, paste most of the errors you get here, don’t worry about the comment becoming long.

    Good luck,


  10. Ben says:

    This is an old post, but since I just bugged you, here I am again. So I tried running MS office in Wine under Gutsy 7.10, and it just didn’t seem to do the trick, and thats why I am keeping my dual boot (well, that and some other programs such as Corel, SigmaPlot, Minitab, etc.). Does the Red Hat core actually allow certain things to run better? For instance, are Wine based programs more suitable for Fedora or Debian based distros? Weird question, and again, no clue being a noob.


  11. Mahesh says:


    I am getting following error message
    Unable to open document.
    Unhandled MIME type “application/msword”

    Could you please help me out with this.



  12. @Mahesh:
    In fact, other wine versions have issues with Microsoft Office 2003. The only version of wine I know that work flawlessly is: wine-core-.9.36-2.fc7.i386, that is version 0.9.36-2 of package wine-core for fedora 7.

    I would suggest that you check your version:
    rpm -qa |grep wine-core

    If it is different, remove it, download my version (Step 1), and install it:
    rpm -e wine-core [uninstalls your version of wine-core]
    rpm -ivh wine-core-0.9.36-2.fc7.i386.rpm [installs my version of wine-core]

    Proceed with my article. It should work. Don’t hesitate to come back if you experience more problems .


  13. Mahesh says:

    I’m using fc8, is there any possibility for me to install anyother wine versions.


  14. balaji says:


    i’ve two sata hdds in my pentium d with 512mb ram. i’m using win xp (ntfs) on my sata0 as primary and fedora8 as the alternate with grub (default xp). the other sata hdd has two partitions d and e with data on them. my friends use xp for their work while i use both xp and fedora8.

    till recently, i could access the xp having downloaded and configured ntfs-3g 1.516 along with fuse binary and libraries. but one fine day, i was thrown these errors when i tried to mount the xp drives in my /home/baL directory.

    [root@localhost baL]# mount /home/baL/d
    mount: special device /dev/sdb5 does not exist

    [root@localhost baL]# mount /home/baL/e
    mount: special device /dev/sdb6 does not exist

    [root@localhost baL]# mount /home/baL/c
    NTFS signature is missing.
    Failed to startup volume: Invalid argument
    Failed to mount ‘/dev/sda1’: Invalid argument
    The device ‘/dev/sda1’ doesn’t have a valid NTFS.
    Maybe you selected the wrong device? Or the whole disk instead of a
    partition (e.g. /dev/hda, not /dev/hda1)? Or the other way around?

    the same error message shows up during the fedora bootup automount. (/etc/fstab contains the reqd lines). i even updated ntfs-3g to 1.2712 but the same errors show up. booting into xp is working well and fine. and i can also very well use ext2fs within xp to access my fedora8. but accessing xp ntfs from within fedora8 has proved futile.

    i sure don’t know what has happened. i’ve to have access to my xp system because i use wine extensively testing 32bit win software in linux.

    i’d appreciate any help on this. thanx in advance,



  15. phoril says:

    im using fedora core 7 and i need to access my microsoft windows files though i don’t know how


  16. Venkat says:

    Hi shailen,

    Very nice article, anywayz will it work in fc6?? plz confirm



  17. moses says:

    Thinstalled Portable Ms ( Microsoft ) Office 2003 Pro SP3 runs in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

    After installing wine software in Ubuntu 9.04 ( ), right click office2003.exe (181 MB) file downloaded from
    minnova org com 2450754
    and select Open with wine.

    Small “loading Start.exe” screen appears in lower right corner. A small button like icon appears in top right corner and right click that to open word / excel / powerpoint. Home folder is automatically considered as My Documents.

    The following setting is needed for Word to start and close without showing any error about file. After opening Word, select Tools, Options, File Locations, User templates, Modify. Then select My Documents and click OK.

    After exiting Word / Excel / Powerpoint, right click the button like icon that appears in top right corner and select “Exit Office”, so that Word / Excel / Powerpoint can be run once again without any error message.


  18. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.


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