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mount: unknown filesystem type ‘exfat’ – Fedora 24

Hello folks, Having issues mounting your flash drive on Fedora 24? Here are quick steps to make things work: Install the free and non-free RPMFusion repository. The fuse-exfat package is not available in Fedora at install due to patent issues.

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How to send emails from a python script using Gmail’s SMTP servers

Hello people, I decided to write down all the steps involved since this topic seems to be quite popular and many people have issues about that, especially when using GMail. First, the software requirements: Python 2.7 + (which comes with

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How to install Texlive via a proxy server.

Hey everybody, Yep, these proxy issues are frustrating but the solution is dead simple. Strangely, this is not documented anywhere on the texlive webpage. 1. Download (standalone) fromt he Texlive download page. 2. Extract and locate the install-tl-advanced.bat file.

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Fixing the driver issues with Intel Galileo Gen 2

Hi everybody, Getting started with driver problems can be annoying. Therefore, I have written a small step-by-step article to help you solve these finicky problems. Good luck! 🙂 Install Arduino IDE 1.6.5+ Install the Latest Java development kit 32-bit Connect

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Android Studio and Java (JDK/JVM) installation issues

Hello everybody, The JAVA_HOME issue seems to be a problem that has affected many. Therefore, I decided to take the time to lay down everything you need to do to fix your problems completely. Problem: “Error launching Android Studio: The

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Three flashships fight head to head – Sony Z3 vs Moto X (2014) vs LG G3

Hello folks, A colleague today just said that December is the Friday of the year. The festive period (Christmas) is coming soon and many are excited to upgrade their smartphones by Christmas. Thus, I have leased three top flagship phones in view to

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Disable Ads on Skype 6.x

You just updated to Skype for Desktop to enjoy the new shiny user interface and you want to get rid of the eye-breaking ads? Below is a working solution for Windows only. I am not sure whether that will work

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How to embark on the HPC bandwagon?

Ladies and gentlemen, Note: Until the end of this blog article, I talk about my history why I came where I am now. You may fast-forward to the next articles. Times have changed. I still remember the time when I

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High Performance Computing

Hello everybody, I will share a little bit of insider information that I am allowed to talk about. Stock prices, market trends and technology expectations speak for themselves – there are two fields of technology that will grow massively in

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Refill and Reset the Canon MP150 Printer

      In my humble opinion, the Canon MP150 is the best printer available. If I were to enumerate the reasons, I would list them as: 1) The Canon MP150 is easy to refill 2) Its cartridges are easily

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