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Fixing the driver issues with Intel Galileo Gen 2

Hi everybody, Getting started with driver problems can be annoying. Therefore, I have written a small step-by-step article to help you solve these finicky problems. Good luck! ūüôā Install Arduino IDE 1.6.5+ Install the Latest Java development kit 32-bit Connect

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Refill and Reset the Canon MP150 Printer

      In my humble opinion, the Canon MP150 is the best printer available. If I were to enumerate the reasons, I would list them as: 1) The Canon MP150 is easy to refill 2) Its cartridges are easily

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How to hide the RealVNC Tray Icon.

RealVNC has become popular not only for its appealing user interface, but also because of its faultless, swift and fast connection between the host and the client. There are notable contenders boasting the same powerful features and some of such

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How to enable MP3 in rhythmbox for Fedora 8?

Hello again, After a long while struggling to get a decent mp3 player for my linux machine, I came across a simple way to enable MP3 on rhythmbox, which comes with the Fedora 8 DVD. Unfortunately, Fedora’s Rhythmbox does not

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How do I make all my folders open in the same window, in Nautilus?

If you want to set the file manager so that it doesn’t open a new window for each folder, you can follow these steps: Double-click on the “Computer” icon on your desktop. Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Preferences.”

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How-to disable Touchpad on Linux

This method had been tested on Fedora 7, but I suppose that it should also work on other widely supported Linux’es like Red Had Enterprise, Suse, Mandrake. ¬† The touchpad is indeed a useful tool but sometimes it can be

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Running Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora 7

Greetings, Here I am back, with what I have learnt out of using my highly tuned Fedora 7 machine. I feel so excited today after trying out some really cool manoeuvres and getting positive results. Of course, Linux is fun to work with (especially when you have to resolve dependencies manually, browsing repositories, etc..well, I assume that you have a good

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How-to Dual Boot Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and Windows (NT/XP/Vista)

Step one: Say you have a 40GB hard drive. Install Windows choosing 20GB (or greater, but keep at least 10 GB for ubuntu). I am not giving screen-shots for the Windows installation, because i guess that everyone knows about that.

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Mount NTFS in Read-Write Mode on Fedora 7

Note: Feel free to ask questions; I’m here to help and learn.. Today I feel so excited after writing my first boot script for my new Fedora 7 (Moonshine). The script is simple and all it does is mount Windows

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