NFC tap to pay

NFC Tap to Pay

2012 – The big tech year when NFC will be hot. As part of my Bachelor Thesis at Jacobs University, I will delve into more details about Near-Field Communications to better understand how it works. Eventually, I intend to use the knowledge acquired to build on ideas that will help make the world better.

Undeniably, technology has eased our lives. The mobile phone is probably the most exciting product of 2012. It is small, portable and crammed with gadgets. It will probably replace the commonplace camera. Now, with NFC technology, it will attempt to replace the physical wallet and keys.

It is exciting to embark on this new road that will define the future.

One comment on “NFC-Android-Arduino
  1. Arhat says:

    We are making a college project in which we need to deal with peer to peer connection or active connection between an NFC enabled phone and the nfc chip n shelid. So that we can transfer our data from android phone to the PC through nfc shelid…

    So which base n shield we need which can help us so that we can get library n other support…
    Thx in advance fr ur answer..


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