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Running Microsoft Office 2003 on Fedora 7

Greetings, Here I am back, with what I have learnt out of using my highly tuned Fedora 7 machine. I feel so excited today after trying out some really cool manoeuvres and getting positive results. Of course, Linux is fun to work with (especially when you have to resolve dependencies manually, browsing repositories, etc..well, I assume that you have a good

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Mount NTFS in Read-Write Mode on Fedora 7

Note: Feel free to ask questions; I’m here to help and learn.. Today I feel so excited after writing my first boot script for my new Fedora 7 (Moonshine). The script is simple and all it does is mount Windows

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When RedHat inspires..

For a while that I’ve been dwelling in the World of Open Source, I have noticed that noone cares the least about Microsoft. It seems that Linux has really won the war and proved to be a totally different world.

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