Dear Reader,

In brief: Shailen is a Master student (as of 2013) in Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. Works at Intel (Munich). Comes from the beautiful island of Mauritius. Has a LinkedIn and a Xing profile. Name is unique in the world. Has email: s[dot]sobhee[at]gmail[dot]com. Note: Blog not actively maintained. Got bigger tasks on the table now.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my blog. It not by pure fortuity that you fell on this page. There is probably one article that pleased you and thus, you wanted to know more about me.  For this purpose, I shall be an open book. Feel free to read me, copy me, bookmark me, advise me or contact me. I made this blog to share my discoveries while working on Linux, and discuss a few philophies of life ( like, why do we surreptitiously tend to make AIDS victims outcasts.) I believe that, deep within every human being’s psyche, there is a common core, which makes us similar and mutually compatible with one another. Genetically, every individual share a common genetic pattern; science expounds a 99% similarity. However, within that realm of similarity lies a few differences. I am probably the only one in this world to talk about differences among similarities in our mind. My theory is very convoluted and complex, and even when I try to think about it, I feel my brain warming up and my eyes straining. Sometimes I feel that will never be able to explain this theory to the popular community, yet, I see the differences, and feel it. For a transcient time, I can understand clearly that theory, but after a flip of a second, the theory becomes hazy. It is a mystery of the mind which only thoughts about thoughts can solve. By recording my dreams, I try to stick the missing pieces of the grand picture. Stay tuned to this public blog; I will post my theory very soon. I humbly do not know how many people will understand and approve such thoughts, but I sincerely hope that a few people in this world could contribute to the missing puzzles.

This is my first blog, and I’m having great fun seeing my social network expanding. Already, I have seen a great leap in page views which motivates me to share more of my works. I write all of my articles and it happens that some information may be incorrect. I invite you to join my small (yet expanding) community of viewers and share your opinions/suggestions. Most of my articles keep evolving from your bright ideas that you come up with in the follow-up discussions.

So, let’s enjoy sharing our knowledge and learn from each other..You will notice that I speak a lot about Linux here and little about Windows. Besides I am a big fan of Fedora and RedHat, and I don’t really like debian based systems. Nevertheless, its Linux, so let’s show some respect 🙂

More about me..

Well, I’m one of those kinds of people who dare to be different and always on the edge to do something cool, something new and exciting. I have a knack at risking. I feel it’s funny, amusing and above all, enlightening. I often indulge into intense physical activities such as rollers, skating, karate, hiking and football. Some people have told me that I have an acute reflex and this is why I am training to be a professional badminton player ( I am not a pro yet though). Besides, I have a stark propensity for biking, and each time I’m on, I have to try some new stunts even if that means breaking my nose (I haven’t yet, but mom is scared, though..hihi).

I do music as well. For around nine years, I have been playing the piano, and I have played mostly classic tunes. During my early trainings, I used to play mozart and Beethoven, until I got really bored with romantic tunes. I later started chopin and Schubert and loved them. I have tried guitar as well, but time is my only hindrance. I wish I could buy it to fit in all my craziest desires and do everything. Anyway..

I work a lot on my Pc too, from graphics design to programming, passing through music editing and tuning my windows. I miss old times when I used to reverse engineer and totally modify everything in my box, and even create a new windows cd. Now boring website projects from uni sticks on my way, sadly..lol..Doing things you could be sued for is lots more fun that creating websites..I can bet my word. One good friend once told me, the Microsoft’s Men in Black will call you one day..but man, I’m still waiting huh! Lol..

What else? Yeah. I love adventure books and I don’t like bloomsburry. Also, I love algebra and calculus but I don’t like discrete maths.

One thing however, I love French. I feel attracted to, or better, charmed, if not entranced by the intricacies of the language. French is so soo beautiful, so like, at the tip of your tongue. They have a thousand words to describe a beautiful scenery and not to forget their heavy dictionary of foul words. mdr..

Apart from my fascination for French, I am sublimely interested in latest technologies and trends, especially in the electronics and computer era. (That’s what drives economy anyway, and probably the only field with accrued evolution. ) The race never ends. [Moore’s theory]..

I love watching the bloom of the Morning Glory and the evening sunset.

I am so intensely engrossed into a night alone on a desert beach, under the moon’s gleam, tranced by the waves soothing on the shore..

And Bill Gates really inspires me..


PS: I haven’t yet finish this draft.

11 comments on “About
  1. yupri says:

    piano player xtra nice …


  2. satej says:

    You rocks man….i found you on OCforum and thx for you contribution..


  3. Yussef says:

    Dude I can get the impression that u like boasting urself a lot about being a computer geek…tweakin Windows n Microsoft MIB… chill out kid


  4. Kurt says:

    @Yussef: And I think you are being highly jealous of Shailen Ability!

    @SHailen: You are invited to participate in the Mauritian Blog Survey and Award before friday 21 November 08 😀


  5. yashvin says:

    Hi there!
    My first time visit here in your blog 🙂
    Cool man…
    i would like to exchange blogroll links, interested?
    Drop me a mail or a comment 🙂



  6. scarface14 says:

    Hell man .. you look like several guys fused into one!
    Quite an interesting profile you’ve.
    Do write about where you live, what you do apart from blogging etc. etc.
    BTW .. r you an Indian?


  7. David says:

    OMG! it’s just awesome…


  8. longin says:

    bonjour ici pierre a qui ton esplication pour remplir les cartouche d’encres pour canona plus merci a moi de te dire pour remplir hp tres simple soulever le colant de desusbien regarder la couleur dans le trou remplir avec une seringe -+19ml pour la noir et 4ml pour chacune couleureset cela marche a tous les coups pour epson il y a une cassette a remplir qui existe chez prink site http://www.prink.becelle ci a la particularitée d’avoir un bouchon en caoutchouqet elle se rempli tres faclement az toi de voir


  9. Slawek says:

    Hi Shailen,
    i saw your great stuff with Hidden Tray icon for VNC, would you be able to help me with other soft http://ttracker.sourceforge.net/ ? thanks


  10. Hello Slawek, this TT software seems to be a very old software. It would be possible to reverse engineer that tool, but that would require some time 😦


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